Barcelona is a city that always has a table set and waiting for you. Its gastronomy is diverse, delicious and its main ingredient is simply, extraordinary. Cooking schools offer the city pupils who put all their talent at the service of locals and visitors. And some of the world’s best restaurants and chefs have settled here in the city. Fine-tune your senses because we want to recommend you some of the city’s best restaurants.



For lovers of haute cuisine and long after-dinner conversations. ABac is an intelligent combination of tradition, modernity and an exceptional product. Jordi Cruz is the Michelin-starred chef who wields the magic wand of this elegant restaurant with views overlooking a beautiful garden and where excellence is one of the main ingredients.  Its seasonal cooking is based on the latest gastronomic trends and among its delicacies are Mediterranean classics that are combined with hints of delicious world specialties.


Three Michelin stars

Excellent wine list

Some of its specialties:

Rose, Sake & Elderflower

Iberian vela and steamed Chinese bun with chargrilled Iberian lágrima

Address: Avda. Tibidabo, 1. 08022,  Barcelona


Telephone: +34 93 319 66 00



Its name says it all, meaning “Enjoy” in Spanish. Sparing no effort, Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch, three former chefs of the iconic El Bulli, culminate all their talent in this centrally located restaurant in Barcelona’s Eixample district. The Disfrutar restaurant is an innovative option where playing with the raw ingredient has a delicious reward. Its masters recommend the “Classics” tasting menu for your first visit…it is worth listening to them!


 Two Michelin stars

Four tasting menus

Discover its store

Some of its specialties:

Crispy egg yolk with mushroom gelatin

Black cauliflower with coconut and lime bechamel

Address: Calle Villarroel, 163. Barcelona 0803


Telephone: +34 933 486 896


Dos palillos

Albert Raurich, who also came from El Bulli, opened a space in Barcelona dedicated to the concept of the tapa against the backdrop of Asian cuisine. Dos Palillos offers a cuisine of complex simplicity and enjoying “at the bar” is part of its manifesto. Its restaurant is immersive and its gastronomic bar, created around its open kitchen, is like a theatre performance. A place to enjoy the fusion of oriental cuisine, Japanese in particular, with Iberian products.


One Michelin star

Two tasting menus and the option of sampling dim sum and street food at the bar a la carte where it is not necessary to book.

Some of its specialties:

Prawn and pancetta dumpling

Iberian ham Xiao Long Bao

Address: Calle Elisabets, 9. Barcelona 08001


Telephone: +34 93 304 05 13


Hoja Santa

The chef Paco Méndez pays tribute to Mexican culture in this relaxed and colorful space, with a menu that changes throughout the year and with no tasting menu. The dishes are diverse, the moles and small morsels are a must, and the beautiful presentation and creativity are two extraordinary condiments.


One Michelin star

Some of its specialties:

Courgette flower with ocosingo

Black garlic mole with avocado

Address: Avda. de Mistral, 54. 08015 Barcelona


Telephone:+34 93 348 21 92



Original and perfect for lovers of a cuisine that is full of mystery and truly surprising. The experience offered by the Enigma restaurant is set out in seven environments. And the common thread is literally a “secret”. Enjoy its “Surprise” menu consisting of 40 morsels and take your time for a delicious experience.


Fuente @enigmaconcept


One Michelin star

Some of its specialties:

Red mullet, scales, pâté and roe.

Pineapple and mustard.

Address: Calle Sepúlveda 38-40 (corner with Carrer Entença)


Telephone: +34 616 696 322


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