Barcelona, renowned for its modernist architecture and vibrant culture, is also a culinary destination for food lovers worldwide. Join us on a culinary journey through the heart of Barcelona, where Michelin-starred restaurants await, ready to tantalize your taste with their innovative and delectable creations. Don’t miss out on this delicious and spectacular restaurant guide!

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At Enigma, you will find a cuisine inspired by seasonal products, that stand as a beacon of innovation and gastronomic excellence. The founder and head chef Albert Adrià, with over 35 years of experience, brings tradition, innovation, and adaptation to the changing trends like no other. The chef has opted for a single-tasting menu of about 25 courses (they change every month) in which he deploys all his knowledge and expertise.


Atempo, located in Barcelona’s Eixample, is renowned for its intimate ambiance and the visionary leadership of Chef Jordi Cruz. The Chef has other Michelin restaurants such as ABaC and Angle located in Barcelona.

Regarding Atempo, it offers a seasonal tasting menu with innovative and creative flavours and textures. They also committed to a unique tasting menu designed by Jordi Cruz, that reflects modern and technical gastronomy. The space has a nature-inspired design that will give you a feeling of freshness, elegance, and cosiness. You will have an incredible experience because the finishing touches to many of Atempo’s dishes are added in front of guests.


Xerta Restaurant is a gastronomic Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona since 2016 run by Fran López and located in Eixample. It is an open window dedicated to the cuisine of the Delta del Ebro, a region in Catalonia that has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve. The restaurant focused on seafood, rice, and local produce. You will experience a harmonious blend of flavours in a calm delta-inspired setting.


The name Koy Shunka translates as “intense seasonal aromas”, and with it comes something much more than just a working philosophy. The Japanese Michelin restaurant adapted its cuisine to modern aesthetic tastes. You can view the kitchen activity or choose a more private experience. Chef Hideki Matsuhisa mixes Japanese and Mediterranean techniques, so it’s very creative, and you will be excited about the courses!

Koy Shunka restaurant decoration in Barcelona

Photo by koyshunka


Cocina Hermanos Torres masterminded by brothers Javier and Sergio Torres. This restaurant seamlessly combines traditional and innovative cuisine. With an ever-evolving tasting menu that honours Catalan culinary heritage, while incorporating avant-garde techniques, each dish is a work of art. The cuisine here is centred on a tasting menu that invites guests on a gourmet journey. In addition to the three Michelin stars, they have also obtained one Michelin Green star for their sustainable practices. Due to its popularity, securing reservations is essential! 


Catalonia is the perfect destination for a great gastronomic experience. There is a wide variety of Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona that will leave you amazed and wanting to come back. In addition, every month there are new culinary proposals in the city of Barcelona. If you are an adventurous soul, you can’t miss a clandestine dinner in the city. Check out our blog post to find out more information.

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